• Johnson Controls - CECOMINOD078043 A19ABA-40C Line V Mechanical Thermostat, 120 to 277 VAC
    Wide temperature ranges available Constant differential throughout the entire range Compact enclosure Fixed or adjustable differential available Variety of sensing element styles
  • Honeywell AM101-US-1 Sparco Thermostatic Mixing Valve, 3/4" Union-Sweat 100-145F
    Constant water temperature under any operating condition Constant temperature in systems with recalculation Proportional valve (simultaneous control of hot and cold water) Energy savings through lower supply temperatures Control of hot water up to shutoff
  • Navien Flame Rod Assembly NPE NCB Series Part 30012226A
  • HAIER 40E3500 1POF247663C 303C3902064 TV3902-ZC02-01(D) POWER SUPPLY 4701
    54.99 $
  • Johnson Controls A19ABC-41C Line V Mechanical Thermostat, 24 to 600 VAC, 10 Amp
    Package Dimensions: 10.5" (L) x 3.0" (W) x 2.5" (H) Product Type: Electronic Component Package Quantity: 1 Country Of Origin: Mexico
    147.29 $
  • Siemens 243-00211 Zone Valve 2-Way 1/2-Inch 2.5 Cv, NPT with 24-volt 2-Position Spring Return Fail-Safe Actuator, Normally Open
    Valve pattern : 2-way Valve cv/GPM : 2.5 Body rating : 125 Maximum temperature : 230 Valve size : 0.5 Two-way zone valve SFP71U Fail-Safe Actuator Brass body and trim 44 psi close-off 2.5 Cv flow rate
    96.03 $
  • Johnson Controls A19ABC-12C Line Volt Mechanical Thermostat, 24 to 277 VAC
    Liquid-filled element provides rapid response to temperature change Adjustable differential Universal replacement This operating control is ideal for hot water boilers
    87.20 $ 132.99 $ -34%
  • Transformer with wire leads and quick connect universal 24 VAC 40 VA 120/208/240 Volt 60 HZ Primary TP-40VA
    Transformer with wire leads and quick connect universal 24 VAC 40 VA 120/208/240 Volt 60 HZ Primary 40 VA 120/208/240 Primary VAC, 24 VAC Secondary Transformer 40 VA 50/60 HZ Transformer 40 VA with wires, 40 amp TP-40VA
    27.00 $
  • Haldex AC Hydraulic Power System Self-Contained, 5 HP, 230/460V AC, Model Number 1400030
    Fully integrated power unit, featuring reservoir, electric motor and pump Robust construction featuring steel reservoir Built-in check valve and relief valve for protection against over-pressurization of system components Includes filter and breather to ensure fluid cleanliness TEFC motor for extended duty cycles
  • Thermocouple Replacement for Carrier Gas Furnace Water Heater 24" Thermocouple P671-Q340A-18
    This is a Brand New Replacement Gas Furnace Water Heater Thermocouple Top Quality Replacement Part! Upgraded Replacement for 24" Thermocouple
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