• ACER 19V 2.37A 45W 5.5/1.7mm Big Pin AC Adapter for ACER Aspire E5-422 E5-473 E5-473T E5-522 E5-532 E5-532T E5-573 E5-573T E5-721 E5-731 E5-771 E5-772 ES1-311 ES1-411 ES1-420 ES1-421 Series
    Kindly Suggestion : This product DC Connector is Big pin (5.5/1.7mm) , It is thicker than 3.0/1.1mm . Please check your laptop or Original Adapter Carefully before you buy it SPEC: Input 100-240V ~ 1.2A / 50-60Hz , Output 19V 2.37A 45Watt , DC Connector: Inner diameter –5.5mm , outer diameter –1.7mm Warranty: 18 Months ; 30 days money back guarantee Concept: Customer is god , Product Quality and Service must be perfect ! We do let every customer feel satisfied Package Contents: 1 pcs New Original AC Adapter/Power Charger + 1 pcs New Genuine Original Power cord
  • BatteryMon HSTNN-PB6M HSTNN-YB5Q 796356-005 LE03XL LE03 Battery for HP Envy X360 M6-W101dx W102dx W103dx W010dx, Pavilion X360 13-s000 13-s120nr 15-bk000 Laptop - 11.4V 48Wh
    Battery Type: Lithium polymer ‖ Voltage: 11.4V ‖ Capacity: 48Wh Compatible Model: LE03, LE03XL, HSTNN-YB5Q, HSTNN-PB6M, 796220-831, 796356-005. Replacement Battery for HP Envy X360 M6-W101dx M6-W102dx M6-W103dx M6-W010dx, HP Pavilion x360 x360 15-bk000: 15-bk000ng 15-bk000no 15-bk000ns 15-bk000nt 15-bk000nu 15-bk000nv 15-bk000nx 15-bk001ng 15-bk001nk 15-bk001ns 15-bk001nt 15-bk001nx 15-bk001ur 15-bk002ng 15-bk002nia 15-bk003ur 15-bk004na 15-bk004nc 15-bk004no 15-bk004ur 15-bk005ne 15-bk006na 15-bk007na 15-bk020wm 15-bk056na 15-bk056sa 15-bk057na 15-bk057sa 15-bk060na 15-bk060sa 15-bk062na 15-bk062sa 15-bk102ng 15t-bk000 laptop. For HP Pavilion x360 13-s000 13-s100 13-s000nc 13-s000nj 13-s000nk 13-s000nm 13-s000ns 13-s000nt 13-s000nv 13-s000ur 13-s001la 13-s001nf 13-s001nj 13-s001ns 13-s001nv 13-s001nx 13-s001ur 13-s002na 13-s002nf 13-s002ns 13-s002nx 13-s003na 13-s003nf 13-s003ns 13-s004ni 13-s005nc 13-s006na 13-s006nia 13-s007nc 13-s008na 13-s008nc 13-s008ne 13-s010nd 13-s010ne 13-s011nia 13-s012ne 13-s013ne 13-s014ne 13-S020CA 13-S020nr 13-S021CA 13-s025nd 13-s030ng 13-s030no 13-s030nw 13-s031no 13-s035no. 6 Months Replacement Exchange: If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, just let us know. We are willing to refund or make replacement.
  • Loptop Battery for Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 CB30 CB35-B3330 CB35-B3340 CB35-C3300 CB35-C3350 CB30-B3123 Satellite E45W P55W E45w-C4200x P55w-c5204 P55w-c5208, P/N: PA5208U-1BRS P000619700 P000645710
    Capacity: 3860mAh 45Wh Voltage: 10.8V Cells: 3 Cells Model: PA5208U-1BRS Fit For:Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 CB35-B CB35-B3340 CB35-B3330 CB35-C3300 Series Laptop ,Toshiba Satellite E45W, P55W,E45W-C4200,P55W-C P55W-C5200D,E45W-C4200X ,P55W-C5314,P55W-C5200X,P55W-C5204 ,P55W-C5208,P55W-C5316 Series Notebook, Toshiba Satellite Radius 14 L40W-C-10V Series Notebook,Toshiba Radius 14" E45W-C4200X Series Laptop 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. CE, FCC for safety. Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environment safety. Warranty: Free exchange within 12 months. You can keep the order before we resend a new one and we will email a prepaid return label to help you return the order.
  • S-Union F255E-01 N249M 255W Power Supply Replacement for Dell Optiplex 580 760 780 960 980 DT PSU AC255AD-00 L255P-01 D255P-00 V6V76 RM110
    【Compatible Model】Replacement for Dell Optiplex 580 760 780 960 980 DT 【Compatible Part Number】N249M, FR597, WU123, T164M, RM110, CY826, C112T, D390T, F283T, G238T, V6V76 【Compatible Model Number】F255E-01,H255E-01,D255P-00, PS-5261-3DF-LF, PS-5261-3DF1-LF, L255P-01, AC255AD-00, PC8051, L255P-01, D255ED-00, DPS-255BB-1,D255AS-00 【Quality】 All Power Supply Are Tested Before Shipping 【What You Get】A Desktop Power Supply Unit (255W). And our worry-free 9-month warranty, For any reason you're not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund.
    40.99 $
  • E-YIIVIIL LR08XL Laptop Battery Compatible for Hp Envy 15-3000 15-3100 15-3200 15-3300 15-3011tx, Fits HSTNN-UB3H HSTNN-DB3H TPN-I104 660152-001 660002-541 660002-271
    59.98 $
  • T-Power Ac Dc Adapter Compatible with HP XP599AA#ABA 2511x 25 XP600AA XP5600AAABA XP600AA#ABA 2711x 27 LED Backlit Gaming LCD Monitor Replacement Switching Power Supply Cord Charger Wall Plug Spare
    High Quality Premium Design with Japanese engineering featuring unique upgrades Cool Blue illuminated Smart LED light. Engineered to ensure your laptop receives the proper voltage Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use). Internal over-tempurature shutdown. Rugged case with moisture-seal protection 1-year limited warraty.
    18.49 $
  • SYWpcparts G3A-CPU G3A-GPU 929455-001 929456-001 Fan Replacement for HP OMEN 15-CE 17-an Series Laptop
    Information: This is a brand new right and left side cooling fan set. One fan is for the cpu and the other fan is for the gpu (graphics chip). These are genuine fan for HP Omen 15-CE 17-AN. Comp. Models: Omen 15-CE, 15T-CE ,17-AN Compatible Part Number : G3A-CPU G3A-GPU 929455-001 929456-001 Warranty: 6-month, if you have any pre-sale or after-sale questions please feel free to contact us,we will be happy to assist you Package Includes: A new pair of cpu + gpu cooling fans and thermal grease(FREE)
    35.00 $ 38.00 $ -8%
  • New HP 918338-003 USB Type-C 45W Replacement Ac Adapter Compatible with HP Part Number: 918338-003 860210-850 ADP-45VE BB TPN-DA07
    AC Input: 100V-240V, 50- 60Hz Output Voltage:5V~3A / 9V~3A / 10V~3.75A / 12V~3.75A / 15V~3A / 20V~2.25A 45W MAX 100% Compatible with HP Part Number: 918338-003 860210-850 ADP-45VE BB TPN-DA07
    39.95 $
  • Ulvench R104 Laptop Battery for HP ProBook 450 455 470 G3 Series, HP Envy 15-q000, HP Envy TouchSmart 15-q100 Notebook PC, fits RIO4 RIo6XL HSTNN-DB7B HSTNN-PB6Q 805294-001 805047-851 811063-421
    Specifications: Battery Type: Li-ion Capacity: 2600Mah ; Cells: 4-cell; Voltage: 14.8V. Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC; Battery life: Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery; Condition: 100% brand new, Grade A Cell. Compatible with: HP ProBook 450 455 470 G3 Envy 15-q000 Notebook PC series. Fit for Part Number: HP R104 R106XL P3G16AA HSTNN-DB7B HSTNN-PB6Q HSTNN-LB6Z HSTNN-Q94C HSTNN-Q95C HSTNN-Q97C RIO4 RIO6XL Spare 805047-851 805294001 805047-851 811063-421 Notebook Laptop Battery. Safety: All our products have undergone rigorous safety and reliability tests and meet global electronic product safety standards. Tip: Don't plug in the charger all the time. Plugging in the charger all the time will drain the battery life. When we use the adapter to charging, as long as the battery is low, the adapter will immediately charge the notebook until it is full. Therefore, when we use the laptop for a long time while the power is on, the battery will be charged and discharged repeatedly and frequently according to the above rules! Then the battery Wh will slowly decrease. A few months later, the battery will be
  • New Genuine HP Envy Pavilion 19.5V 6.15A 120W Smart Pin AC Adapter 801637-001
    AC Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz DC Output Voltage: 19.5V 6.15A 120W Compatible With HP Part Number: 644699-003, 645156-001, 644699-001, HSTNN-DA25, HSTNN-LA25, PA-1121-52HH, 463556-001, 463555-002, 463556-002, 463557-001, HSTNN-CA25, 384023-001, VE025AA#ABA, NW199AA#ABA, ED519AA, 391174-001, 463953-001, 463959-001,801637-001
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