• Johnson Controls - CECOMINOD078043 A19ABA-40C Line V Mechanical Thermostat, 120 to 277 VAC
    Wide temperature ranges available Constant differential throughout the entire range Compact enclosure Fixed or adjustable differential available Variety of sensing element styles
  • C340056P08 - Trane OEM Furnace 3" Replacement Limit Switch L280-30
    This is a Brand New OEM Furnace Replacement 3" Limit Switch Top Quality OEM Replacement Part! L280-30 3"Insertion
  • AC Infinity AXIAL 1751, Muffin Fan, 120V AC 172mm x 150mm x 51mm High Speed, UL-Certified for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects
    Designed for projects that requires cooling or ventilation; or as a replacement fan for various products. Includes a heavy-duty aluminum fan with power plug cord, two fan guards, and mounting screw set. UL-certified fan with dual-ball bearings has a lifespan of 67,000 hours. Can be mounted in any direction. High Speed: This model is designed to maximize airflow and can be too loud for some applications. 172 x 150 x 51 mm (6.8 x 5.9 x 2 in.) | 100 to 120V AC | Airflow: 211 CFM | Noise: 52 dBA | Speed: 2800 RPM
  • OEM Replacement for Trane Single Pole / 1 Pole 40 Amp Heavy Duty Condenser Contactor CTR02574
    This is a Brand New Upgraded 1 Pole 40 Amp Condenser Contactor This is a Heavy Duty contactor rated for up to 40 Amps! The coil is rated for 24 volts. This contactor will work with 99% of residential units!
    15.77 $ 16.66 $ -5%
  • GDSTIME Axial Fan 17251, 110V 120V AC 172mm x 150mm x 51mm Dual Ball Bearing High Speed for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects
    【WIDELY USED】This high air volume industrial fan is suitable in noise tolerant applications; e.g. server racks, garage, welder, hockey table, generator box, outdoor machine, greenhouse, HVAC, etc; or as replacement exhaust fan 【SOLIDLY BUILT & POWERFUL】Aluminum die cast frame and UL94V-0 PBT plastic impeller can able to perform well in harsh environments; 1.82lb; Operating Temperature: 14℉ to 175 ℉ 【QUALITY MOTORS】Long life dual-ball bearings rated at up to 67,000hrs; allows the fans to be mounted flat or upright; CE Listed, RoHS Compliant; Perfect for cooling and ventilation 【EASY TO INSTALL】Both sides has fan grills to protect your hands and fan blades; includes a 5ft AC power cord (compatible with wall outlet); wire connector; and mounting screw set 【AC AXIAL FAN】172 x 150 x 51 mm (6.8 x 5.9 x 2 in.) | 110 to 120V AC | 50/60Hz | 35 to 45 Watt | Current: 0.45 to 0.5 A | Noise: 46 to 50 dBA | Airflow: 205 to 238 CFM | Speed: 2500 to 2700 RPM
    29.99 $
  • White-Rodgers 50A65-5165 White Rodgers Direct Replacement for Trane Single Stage Integrated Furnace Control, 80V Ignitor
    80 Vac Ignitor Output 120 vac humidifier output 120 vac electronic air cleaner output Fuse protection 5- amp Furnace status led
    92.08 $
  • OEM Replacement for Trane Single Pole / 1 Pole 40 Amp Heavy Duty Condenser Contactor CTR00845 by Trane
    40 Amp Contactor , 1-Pole , 24V Coil Genuine OEM Contactor , Factory Component Commonly Used in Various American Standard / Trane Units Replaces / Supersedes: CTR1825 CTR-1825 CTR01825 CTR1282 CTR2574 CTR-2574 CTR02574 CTR0733 CTR0628 CTR00628 CTR-0628 CTR01037 CTR1037 CTR-1037 CTR00845 CTR-0845 CTR-0733 CTR01152 CTR-1152 CTR2652 CTR-2652 CTR02652 CTR1503 CTR-1503 CTR01503 HCCY1XQ04AA318 HN51KC024
    19.80 $
  • OEM Replacement for Trane Double Pole / 2 Pole 30 Amp 24v Condenser Contactor Relay C147094P05 by Trane
    This is a Brand New Upgraded 2 Pole 30 Amp Condenser Contactor The coil is rated for 24 volts, making it compatible with 99% of all residential units.
    29.99 $
  • Honeywell, Inc. DP2040A5004 24 Vac 2 Pole Contactor
    Brand: Honeywell Product Number: DP2040A5004 Deluxe Power Pro Contactor. Poles: 2. Coil Volt Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
  • AmStd/Trane # 2TWR3024A1000AA OEM Condenser Fan Motor
    1/4 HP , 230/1/60 , 1075 RPM , 48 Frame , Sleeve Bearing American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Commonly Found in: 2A7B0048A1000AA 2A7B0742A1000AA 2A7B0748A1000AA 2A7C0036A3000AA 2A7C0042A3000AA 2A7C0048A3000AA 2TTA0036A3000AA 2TTA0036A3000BA 2TTA0036A3000CA 2TTA0042A3000AA 2TTA0042A3000BA 2TTA0042A3000CA 2TTA0048A3000AA 2TTA0048A3000BA 2TTA0048A3000CA 2TTB0042A1000AA 2TTB0042A1000BA 2TTB0042A1000CA 2TTB0048A1000AA 2TTB0048A1000BA 2TTB0048A1000CA 2TTM3030A1000AA 2TTM3036A1000AA 2TTR1036A1000AA 2TTR1042A1000AA 2TTR1048A1000AA 2TWA0030A3000AA Also Found In: 2TWA0030A3000AB 2TWA0030A3000BA 2TWA0030A3000CA 2TWA0036A3000AA 2TWA0036A3000AB 2TWA0036A3000BA 2TWA0036A3000CA 2TWB0030A1000AA 2TWB0030A1000AB 2TWB0030A1000BA 2TWB0030A1000CA 2TWB0036A1000AA 2TWB0036A1000AB 2TWB0036A1000BA 2TWB0036A1000CA 2TWB3024A1000AA 2TWB3024A1000BA 2TWB3024A1000CA 2TWR1030A1000AA 2TWR1030A1000AB 2TWR1036A1000AA 2TWR1036A1000AB 2TWR3024A1000AA 4A7M3018A1000AA 4A7M3024A1000AA 4A7M3030A1000AA 4A7M3036A1000AA 4TTM3018A1000AA Also Found In: 4TTM3018A1000BA 4TTM3018A1000CA 4TTM3018A1000NA 4TTM3024A1000AA 4TTM3024A1000BA 4TTM3024A1000CA 4TTM3030A1000AA 4TTM3030A1000BA 4TTM3030A1000CA 4TTM3036A1000AA 4TTM3036A1000BA 4TTM3036A1000CA 4TTM3036A1000NA WSC036A1***0* WSC036A1***1* WSC036A3***0* WSC036A3***1* WSC036A3***2* WSC036A3***3* WSC036E3***0* WSC036E3***1* Replaces / Supersedes:  MOT03125 MOT-3125 MOT10334 MOT-10334 MOT11051 MOT-11051  5KCP39FGV442AS 5KCP39DFP101AS D144407P01 X70670819017 X70370272010 D156483P01 K55HXRRT-3002 MOT2952 MOT02952 MOT-2952 and others
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