Why rent a boiler?

Why rent a boiler?

In investment zones, construction sites, mining sites, and temporary business centers established away from the city center boiler rental reduce the costs of investor companies.

Boiler Rental Companies, which have teams specializing in heat systems, are more skilled in this matter.

Advantages of boiler leasing

The multibillion-dollar investment burden is eliminated. You don’t have to spend extra for the boiler system, which will only be used for a few seasons.

Time, space, budget and operation expenses are saved to build a boiler. The experience of the solution partner company in this regard alleviates the workload of the lessor company. The tenant focuses on his actual work.

It does not deal with Boiler setup and transfer issues. The expenditure items such as operating and maintenance and repair expenses are eliminated by themselves.

The certification process is resolved by itself. There is no waste of time with bureaucratic procedures.

Industrial boiler leasing

The investment cost of Industry-Type boilers is quite high, the installation process can take as long as one. Leasing and commissioning of industrial boilers with high pressure and heat characteristics which should be installed in temporary construction site areas provide great facilities for investors.

Industrial boilers integrated into high-tech mobile land vehicles, rail transport systems and high-tonnage vessels sometimes have the power to meet the warming and hot water needs of tens of thousands of people.

Power generation is also possible with gas, liquid-fuel burner, biogas, LNG, CNG and other types of fuel. In many countries around the world, remote mine sites, dam constructions, tunnel activities are carried out with energy from industrial boilers, while the heating and hot water needs of thousands of people working here are provided with the same system. With industrial burner, it is possible to produce 220 to 30,000 kW hours of energy.

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