The most suitable boiler installation for your home

Garden houses are the ideal heat source for those who live far away from dense settlements, who want to be closer to agriculture, agriculture, fishing, and nature are special boiler systems.

Individual boiler heating systems are the ideal solution for independent houses, storied buildings, and workplaces, those that are a little further away from the city life, those that do not have the possibility of natural gas network and homes with several floors.

For solid fuel boiler systems, the location of the house or workplace, the insulation system, the number of rooms and windows, the number of floors will be the subject of the project. In such a case you should first look at the issues that affect your thinking before choosing the system

Win selection

It is best to make the boiler choice according to the size of the independent housing and workplace in which we live. Kilocalories hour a Kilowatt Kcal/h table should be examined according to fuel type and boiler brands in square meters. A sample Kcal/h table for solid fuel boilers will be used according to the m2 unit of measurement by examining the size of the radiator/panel you can have an idea.

* The amount of capacity in Kcal/h in this table varies according to brands and fuel types.

Capacity              Heating Area    Heated radiator

18,000 Kcal / h   145 m2 11 mt.panel radiator

25,000 Kcal / h   200 m2 15 mt.panel radiator

40,000 Kcal / h   320 m2 24 mt.panel radiator

60,000 Kcal / h   480 m2 36 mt.panel radiator

80,000 Kcal / h   640 m2 48 mt.panel radiator

100,000 Kcal / h                800 m2 60 mt.panel radiator

125,000 Kcal / h                1000 m2               75 mt.panel radiator

150,000 Kcal / h                1200 m2               90 mt.panel radiator

200,000 Kcal / h                1600 m2               120 mt.panel radiator

300,000 Kcal / h                2400 m2               180 mt.panel radiator

400,000 Kcal / h                3200 m2               240 mt.panel radiator

Just as we can use numerous types of coal in solid-fuel boilers, we can make savings by blending it with wood.

During boiler selection, the system’s models with warranty period, service proximity, fuel type, manual or automatic fuel loading should pay attention to the pressure capacity.

For small homes and businesses, automatic fuel-loading boilers produce recommended solutions. It can be considered a very comfortable system, considering that it automatically loads the required fuel by measuring the temperature difference between cold and hot, day and night, the coal or wood needed for a week.

Hot water boiler

Hot water boiler
Hot water boiler

Hot water boilers needed by housing and workplaces should be produced as high pressure resistant. During the selection of the boiler, the technical characteristics of the hot water boiler should be carefully examined. The type of metal used for hot water boiler is produced in accordance with the pressure vessels standards. Warnings about which types of fuel are being used should be taken into account. Platina alloy metals that resist high temperature and pressure at the same time are known to be more durable.

It should be noted that the bellows oxygen systems, which increase the useful life of the hot water boilers to be used for large sites and buildings, are integrated.

Heating boiler

Heating boiler
Heating boiler

It is the most important part of independent central heating systems. Control units of heat level in the heating boiler, smoke path distance, flue gas temperature must be designed in accordance with Boiler structure.

Before the boiler installation, the heating boiler and the hot water boiler are usually made ready for installation by going through the same testing process. Production – testing processes may vary according to the combustion characteristics of natural gas, Fuel oil, LPG, LNG, and engine.

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