Temporary Boiler Rental

In industrial plants, hotels, and hospitals, small and medium-sized workplaces may need to support the existing boiler, which is insufficient as a result of capacity increase, and to activate a new boiler during the repair of the temporarily disabled boiler system. During the periods when power plants are taken into care, the shortfall needs are also eliminated by the rental method.

Military exercise zones, hospitals in the Sahara, temporary housing centers established in disaster areas, and festival areas also find solutions to hot water, energy and warming problems with temporary boiler rental system.

Many of the temporary boiler rental companies are proud of the high standards they have achieved by engaging in the U.S. military’s activities around the world. With good reason too. Certificates issued by companies producing services in security institutions are preferred primarily in all NATO countries, EU member states, and Canada.

The most ideal solution in investment zones with living areas not included in the permanent investment list is temporary Boiler Rental method.

Temporary boiler fleets equipped with powerful pressure systems have hardened systems to meet the current regulations of all states and local governments throughout the United States. However, before the leasing process, candidate companies should be asked about the existence of ISO 9001 and ISO process required certificates and the validity date of these documents should be checked on their official sites.

Before short-term leased boiler systems, an emergency plan should be prepared for mining activities in public housing, companies and health institutions and open areas, so that the assignments related to rental, institution, and enterprise should be prepared in advance.

In short-term leases, the boiler transportation fee is paid by the customer. Transfer fees are calculated as km + tariff price. The distance between the storage area and the facility area is added to the rental price.

This is the customer’s financial responsibility, the Bulldog boiler will arrange third-party delivery. The customer pays the shipping fee from the warehouse to the facility area and returns it.

Mobile Steam Boiler

Mobile Steam Boiler
Mobile Steam Boiler

Mobile Steam Boiler, a large number of heavy industrial plants, chemical production companies, public housing heating, hospitals, and schools to meet the urgent need for emerging warming. Mobile steam boilers suitable for low and high pressure can be allocated to customers along with a wide technical support package. Mobile steam boiler installation may need time ranging from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the type of power and fuel needed. Steam boilers using Fuel Oil (No 2) type fuel are sent to duty with the fuel tank generally needed. Mobile steam boilers of 80 to 800 HP and above are serviced throughout the country.

Sledded boiler (Skid Mode)

In addition to industrial types, sledded boiler models, which offer practical solutions for sites and public housing areas, can be installed in a short time with ready projects.

In order to reach the main connection blocks in the deep interior of the buildings, the rental companies provide technical support. Sled boilers can produce solutions from 25 hp to 2,500 HP power.

For the need for the sled boiler, some fleet managers demand to be informed about planning at least 24 hours in advance. It is possible to get technical consultancy before and during installation. Sled-mounted boilers can be preferred as a healthy solution for those aiming to get high efficiency in projects where each square meter is important.

Trailer top boiler

It is the most common rental model. With fast delivery, easy installation method, over-trailer boilers can be rented in long and short term projects.

Systems mounted on high-tonnage tugboats are optimized with ‘Plug and play’ logic. With the most important optimized equipment equipped with new technology, trailer-top boilers can be rapidly activated in institutions of critical importance during sudden capacity increases, intense energy consumption, adverse weather conditions, planned power outages or sudden problems in power lines. Trailer top boiler Assembly with every pressure capacity is very easy to maintain and use. It is a great tool for moving easily without the need for additional permanent building and space. Within rental prices, it can be seen as the most suitable model…

Boiler auxiliary equipment

Boiler auxiliary equipment
Boiler auxiliary equipment

The company owns a fleet of heat generators, electrical panels, lighting units, electronic control panels, and remote monitoring intervention systems. Some high capacity boilers may also recommend water, fuel tanks, recycling units, gas pressure regulators, fuel oil sleds and propane vaporizers.

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