The safety of heating systems and boiler maintenance along with equipment with greater resistance to heavy meteorological conditions carry vital importance. Boiler safety means the safety of sites, businesses, houses of apartment blocks. It means direct life security. Never allow access to maintenance and repair work without full boiler safety.

Boiler safety
Boiler safety

Vital risk factors;

Any maintenance work and repair activity to be done without maintaining the boiler safety should be done in accordance with the rules.

The people who provide the safety of the boiler should know the safety standards set by the manufacturer company and the teams who have been trained in this subject should be in the boiler room in full with their necessary equipment.

Working in the boiler room without measuring runaway gas is risky.

All electrical components, gas current systems must be checked first.

Working burners and gas feeders, automatic electricity and gas cutters must be tested manually

Fire extinguisher tube must be kept in the boiler room

For boiler safety, schedules must be established regarding daily (for solid fuel systems) weekly, monthly and annual maintenance activities of boiler rooms. Obtain these charts from the manufacturing companies.

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