Things to consider when buying a boiler

Can the boilers for housing and workplaces be as durable as the building lifetime?

Must be reliable, the warranty period must last throughout the use, must be economical, the cost of use must be appropriate according to the type of fuel, and most importantly, the boiler safety must be complete… Let’s examine these important points when buying a boiler one by one

Boiler Warranty

Boiler Warranty
Boiler Warranty

While we meet our warming and hot water needs, most boiler manufacturers only guarantee their own equipment. For example, the chimney system, burner, valves, fuel transport systems, which is not covered by the boiler warranty may not be included in the same warranty.

The scope of the boiler warranty should be examined thoroughly, and it should be ensured that each part used during the installation are documented separately.

During installation, the following information and documents should be requested from the boiler manufacturer company:

The warranty period for their products. (Main part subject to contract)

The warranty period of the spare parts obtained from the solution partner institutions. (Shafts, fans, air conditioners, chimney pipes and parts contained within them)

Warranty of auxiliary equipment (switches, electrical components)

Insurance expenses arising from failure, damage, and defective production during use.

Before signing the contract, a list of all equipment components covered by the warranty must be signed by the installation company.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer’s services to the user must be written item by item.

“Timing”, which is not included in the contract, is the most important element, although it is within the scope of the warranty.

All services to be provided from the installation to the date of the start and end of the warranty process should be written “time intervals, if possible, dated”.

The legal roadmap to be followed in case of any defects and disputes during the warranty period must be stated in writing between the parties.

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