The most important way to get high efficiency from heating systems is periodic cleaning. Different standards have been established for the cleaning of boilers using natural gas and solid fuel systems.

Boiler rooms using natural gas should be cleaned with detergent water every week. Oil products, alcoholic chemicals, and acid cleaning agents should not be used in boiler cleaning!

Dirty water expenses in boiler rooms should be washed with a brush and kept clean.

For the easy operation of steam valves, it should be frequently lubricated with machine oil.

The boiler should be cleaned with smoke pipes and the surrounding area should be cleaned with a brush, avoiding water or liquid contact.

We should keep in mind that the equipment in clean boiler rooms has a long life and high efficiency.

In natural gas and solid fuel boilers, the accumulation of oil-carbon deposit is inevitable. Checks must be made at periods determined by boiler service in order to clean the deposit.

How is Boiler Repair?

How is Boiler Repair?
How is Boiler Repair?

It should be ensured that no one intervenes except the authorized technical service.

During the boiler repair, the above-mentioned safety measures should be reviewed and the operation should be started by taking ‘safe’ confirmation by the technical officers before the repair.

The most common faults in boiler rooms are reported to be caused by equipment that has completed its life, not being replaced in time. Other frequently encountered failures and equipment needed to change include

Boiler leakage causes pressure to drop. Buildings may be damaged by boiler leakage in high-pressure systems.

Non-standard pipes can frequently cause boiler failure. Please contact the Authorized Service on this matter.

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