How often should boiler maintenance be performed?

The way to get high efficiency is to do boiler maintenance on time. A boiler system is like the gears of a clock. Maintained boiler equipment works in harmony and in its most efficient form. Before boiler maintenance, it should be noted that trained and competent personnel should enter the boiler room and that the boiler room should be delivered to the experienced persons who have responsibility and certificate.

Daily boiler maintenance

Daily boiler maintenance
Daily boiler maintenance

A daily maintenance schedule should be kept, daily cleaning needs to be done in writing should be told to the officer. The chart should be followed frequently.

The boiler environment should be cleaned every day, the fans providing ventilation of the boiler room should be removed from the solid fuel powders.

Dust and soot around the boiler should be considered. If there is an accumulation of institutions, the competent service should be warned about this issue.

Leak control around boiler equipment should be carried out regularly every day. If the source of the leak is uncertain, the relevant service should be notified.

The switches in the boiler room should be checked and the power lines and lighting units should be cleaned.

Units that provide a solid or liquid fuel to the boiler must be controlled.

If solid fuel is made with automatic loading, the buckets on the loading tape and the surrounding area of the tape should be free of dust and parts.

If the Daily manual loading is done, the same checks and cleaning should be provided.

Although the critic companies promise not to “remove ash and soot”, the ash reservoir should be emptied regularly and the institutions accumulated in front of the ignition – burning system should be deleted.

The accumulation of soot around the ventilation chimney should be avoided.

Solid-fuel boilers with high carbon dioxide emissions need cleaning more frequently. Day-to-day maintenance allows us to save highly while increasing fuel efficiency.

The boiler should be sensitive about environmental safety.

Weekly boiler maintenance

Providing the best combustion is possible with weekly boiler maintenance of abundant oxygen intake which increases the efficiency of heat systems.

Weekly boiler maintenance reduces fuel expenses, while the boiler extends its useful life.

The written instructions of the manufacturer companies for weekly boiler maintenance are detailed in the user’s manual. Safety precautions should be taken around the boiler room before weekly boiler maintenance.

Weekly maintenance personnel should be made to take note of the defects, deficiencies and the vehicles observed to be not going well.

The weekly boiler maintenance, which is common to almost all manufacturers, should be considered as follows.

1 before starting boiler maintenance, if there are safety valves on the pipes, electrical conditions in the boiler room and lighting systems, elongated lighting lanterns should be checked by hand.

2-before weekly maintenance, all bolts on the boiler, if there are nuts, the looseness of the pins should be checked by hand.

3-The safety of the boiler that provides the running of the subsidies should be tested, if necessary the manufacturer recommended the oil and (amount) should be lubricated.

4-during weekly maintenance, the electrical conditions we control should be tested to an electrician every two to three months and safety precautions should be taken in accordance with the standards if high voltage lines are used.

5-pipes to the boiler, elbows carrying them to other pipe systems, support systems that assist in-wall installation, valves on the pipe must be checked.

6-leak connecting places, valve entrances, sealed flans must be compressed to ensure that the leak is terminated. If the leak persists, the Authorized Service should be called.

7 boiler water level must be checked. In boilers using water level automatics, monthly tests which are complied with must be carried out regularly. (Water level in the boiler should be minimized once a month)

8-the shafts of the Steam valves should be lubricated regularly every week.

9-flammable and igniting oil-based substances should never be used during cleaning. Such substances must be prevented from entering the boiler room.

10-boiler smoke pipes should be brushed dry with cleaning brushes.

Finally, the drainage canal and the sinkhole in the boiler room should be cleaned to prevent obstructions…

Annual boiler maintenance

It is generally recommended to do so immediately after the summer season, or as soon as winter is over. It is useful to inform the Authorized Service for the general care and to get advice. Some boiler companies aim to maximize the customer satisfaction survey by making their annual maintenance free for a certain period of time (some of the first two years). Annual maintenance means renewal, the rebirth of the boiler system.

Alert authorized personnel to make individual notes of deficiencies, malfunctions, and obsolete parts that occur during maintenance…

What to do for annual boiler maintenance.

Safety precautions should be taken around the boiler room

Fuel and water must be completely drained in the boiler if any. During this process, the hand hole at the bottom and the manhole at the top of the boiler must be opened. The seals that are probably stuck around the holes will remain, they should be cleaned, the seals should definitely be replaced.

The inside of the boiler should be cleaned with pressurized water, calcification should be intervened if any.

All beds must be lubricated, then the holes opened in the upper and lower parts must be closed with care before washing. (By replacing seals)

The chimneys to which the boiler is connected must be cleaned. Clean chimneys prevent fire risk while maximizing fuel efficiency.

The scumbags under the boiler have to be cleaned completely.

The boiler should be filled with water again and test fired. It should then be closed and recorded that the annual maintenance is over.

Periodic boiler maintenance

According to fuel types, boilers are periodically taken into care. Solid fuel boilers undergo daily, weekly monthly and annual maintenance and are overhauled by Authorized Service every 5 years, replacing metals that show signs of fatigue and corroded.

During periodic boiler maintenance, pumps should be taken into care by separate experts. Each pump has a different maintenance directive depending on the type of fuel. This should be done to the expert.

When all maintenance is done, it should be noted to check the service time of the fire extinguishing tube in the boiler room.

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