• AmazonCommercial Aluminum Round Cake Pans, 5-Piece Set, Includes Pan Sizes in 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 Inches
    Even heating: the pan’s aluminum construction offers excellent heat conductivity, which helps food bake and brown evenly Rustproof: resists rust for longer-lasting quality and performance Warp resistant: reinforced encapsulated steel rim provides added durability and prevents warping Easy care: hand-wash only with warm, soapy water before first time use and after each use Includes: (5) 2.5-inch-deep round cake pans in 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch, and 4-inch sizes; backed by an AmazonCommercial 1-year limited warranty
  • Goodies Speed 75014 - Fuel Filter/Regulator 58 PSI for LS swaps and EFI conversion
    Fuel filter and pressure regulator used to create a "returnless" fuel supply for LS engine swaps and electronic fuel injection conversions. Filter media tested to 5 micron. Regulator is 4 BAR, 58 PSI. Replacement nylon retainers included.
  • Goodies Speed 75105 - Fuel Filter/Regulator 4 BAR with -6AN Inlet and Outlets Stainless Steel for LS swaps and EFI conversion
    Fuel filter & pressure regulator for LS swap with no adapter fittings required. 58 PSI (4 BAR) regulated pressure output, perfect for LS swaps and many EFI conversions. Aftermarket 5 micron fuel filter and pressure regulator manufactured with AN -6 inlet and outlets. Connect directly to your -6AN hose or hard line. For custom/aftermarket application only. AN-6 ends will not fit hoses in original GM application.
  • King Kooker 1316N Model # 1316N-Steel Portable Propane Double Jet Package. Outdoor Cooker, Black
    12” Tall Steel Double Jet Cooker Steel Bolt Together Heat Shields Listed LP Hose and Adjustable Regulator with Type 1 Connection Instruction/Recipe Booklet
    69.97 $
  • Imperial 0310 022 Ifs-40 Pilot Burner/Fryer
    Model number: IMP0310 Package quantity: 1 Product type: FOOD SERVICE SUPPLY Package dimensions:8.0" (L) x 6.0" (W) x 4.0" (H)
    28.13 $ 30.25 $ -7%
  • G & S Metal Products Company Preferred Nonstick Lasagna and Roast Baking Pan, 16” x 11”, Gray
    VERSITLE USE: Bake to your heart's content with Preferred Nonstick Lasagna and Roast Baking Pan. Measuring 16-inch x 11-inch x 1.8-inch, you can bake anything from lasagnas, to blondies, to brownies, and more. NONSTICK FINISH: Pan features a proprietary DuraGlide PLUS nonstick finish that allows baked goods to release effortlessly while making clean up simple. STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Made of professional weight steel, pan heats evenly with no hot spots producing beautiful golden baking results. EASY TO HANDLE: All Preferred bakeware feature oversized handles for secure handling, making it easy to safely remove pan to and from oven. PERCISE PORTIONING: Preferred bakeware includes anti-warp side walls and user-friendly measurement marks to guide bakers where to cut for equal and precise portioning. AMERICAN MADE: Preferred Nonstick Lasagna and Roast Baking Pan is proudly made in the USA, made without PFOA and backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
    7.99 $
  • Paccar K37-1012, 30 Micron Primary Fuel Filter, Fits MX11 and MX13 Engines
    Long-Life design extends service intervals High efficiency media protects critical engine components 30 Micron Rating
    46.98 $
  • Thunder Group RER55ASN 50-Cup (Uncooked) 100-Cup (Cooked) Natural Gas Rinnai Cooker
    It makes 100 bowls of rice in 22 minutes and keeps it warm for hours The preparation of rice has traditionally been a cooking process which requires time-consuming attention to ensure the rice is cooked properly This rice cooker will simplify the process by automatically controlling the heat and timing, while freeing up a heating element on the range A rice cooker is a great way to allow the chef to focus on more pressing culinary tasks Originated from Japan
    542.00 $
  • Rinnai Rice Cooker 55 Cups NSF Commercial GAS RER55ASL (Propane Gas)
    55 CUPS UNCOOKED 110 CUPS COOKED PORPANE GAS Both CSA and NSF Certification Gas Input: 9600 BTU Electrical Requirement: 120 V.AC / 60Hz; 23 Watts, 120V / 3A Fuse Item #: RER55ASN, PROPANE Gas
  • E-Ton 50cc 70cc 90cc ATV Fuel Line Kit Includes Primary Line, Reserve Line & Fuel Filer assembly
    Common applications include: 50cc Impuls 50, TXL-50 (Vin: 5EA) 50cc Lightning 50, AXL-50, NXL-50 (Vin: 5EB,5EC/5ED) Viper 50, RXL-50, 2003-06 (Vin: 5EE) Impuls 90, TXL-90 (Vin: 9EA) Viper 50M, RXL-50M, 2003-06 (Vin: 5EG) Viper 70, RX4-70, 2007+ (Vin: 7KA) Viper 70, RXL-70, 2003-06 (Vin: 7EE) Viper 70, RXL-70, Silver Series 2007+ (Vin: 7KC) Viper 70M, RX4-70M, 2007+ (Vin: 7KB) Viper 90, RXL-90, 2003-06 (Vin: 9EE) Viper 90, RXL-9009 Silver Series 2009+ (Vin: 9KC), RXL-90R09, Silver Series 2009+ (Vin: 9KD), Viper 90R, RX4-90R, 2007+ (Vin: 9KA) Viper 90R, RXL-90R 2003-06 (Vin: 9EF)
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