• MOT11051 - OEM Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/4 HP 200-230v by Trane
    Brand: Trane Product Number: MOT11051 Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
  • Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/8 HP 230v X70370245010 MOT12004 by Trane GE Genteq
    1/8 HP 200 - 230V 825 RPM
  • Trane American Standard Condenser Fan Motor 1/8 HP 230v X70370245010 MOT18688 by Trane GE Genteq
    *** MOT12004 is OBSOLETE , Replaced by MOT18688 *** American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component 1/8 HP , 208/230/60/1 Volt , 825 RPM , 48 Frame Motor with Sleeve Bearings Replaces & Supersedes: X70370245010 , MOT-12004 , MOT012004 , 5KCP39GGV570S Commonly Found in the Following American Standard Split System Units: 2A6B3030A1000AA , 2A6C3030A3000AA , 2A6H3030A1000AA , 2A6H4024B1000AA , 2A6H5024A1000AA , 2A6M3030A1000AA , 2A7A4024B1000AA , 2A7A5024A1000AA , 2A7A5030A1000AA , 2A7A5036A1000AA , 4A6H4024B1000AA , 4A6H4024B1000BA , 4A7A4024B1000AA Commonly Found in the Following Trane Split System Units : 2TTR4024A1000AA , 2TTX4024B1000AA , 2TTX5024A1000AA , 2TTX5030A1000AA , 2TTX5036A1000AA , 2TWA3030A3000AA , 2TWB3030A1000AA , 2TWR3030A1000AA , 2TWR4024A1000AA , 2TWX4024B1000AA , 2TWX5024A1000AA , 4TTR4024A1000AA , 4TTX4024B1000AA , 4TWR4024A1000AA , 4TWX4024B1000AA
  • F204AC-25/0.03 | 2CSF204001R1250 | F204AC-25/0.03 | ABB F204 AC-25/0,03 Residual Current Circuit Breaker, 4 Pole, AC Type, 25A, 30MA
    201.52 $
  • MOT18623 - OEM Trane American Standard Condenser Fan Motor 1/4 HP 200-230v by Trane
    1/4 HP , 230/1/60 , 1075 RPM , 48 Frame , Sleeve Bearing American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Commonly Found in: 2A7B0048A1000AA 2A7B0742A1000AA 2A7B0748A1000AA 2A7C0036A3000AA 2A7C0042A3000AA 2A7C0048A3000AA 2TTA0036A3000AA 2TTA0036A3000BA 2TTA0036A3000CA 2TTA0042A3000AA 2TTA0042A3000BA 2TTA0042A3000CA 2TTA0048A3000AA 2TTA0048A3000BA 2TTA0048A3000CA 2TTB0042A1000AA 2TTB0042A1000BA 2TTB0042A1000CA 2TTB0048A1000AA 2TTB0048A1000BA 2TTB0048A1000CA 2TTM3030A1000AA 2TTM3036A1000AA 2TTR1036A1000AA 2TTR1042A1000AA 2TTR1048A1000AA 2TWA0030A3000AA Also Found In: 2TWA0030A3000AB 2TWA0030A3000BA 2TWA0030A3000CA 2TWA0036A3000AA 2TWA0036A3000AB 2TWA0036A3000BA 2TWA0036A3000CA 2TWB0030A1000AA 2TWB0030A1000AB 2TWB0030A1000BA 2TWB0030A1000CA 2TWB0036A1000AA 2TWB0036A1000AB 2TWB0036A1000BA 2TWB0036A1000CA 2TWB3024A1000AA 2TWB3024A1000BA 2TWB3024A1000CA 2TWR1030A1000AA 2TWR1030A1000AB 2TWR1036A1000AA 2TWR1036A1000AB 2TWR3024A1000AA 4A7M3018A1000AA 4A7M3024A1000AA 4A7M3030A1000AA 4A7M3036A1000AA 4TTM3018A1000AA Also Found In: 4TTM3018A1000BA 4TTM3018A1000CA 4TTM3018A1000NA 4TTM3024A1000AA 4TTM3024A1000BA 4TTM3024A1000CA 4TTM3030A1000AA 4TTM3030A1000BA 4TTM3030A1000CA 4TTM3036A1000AA 4TTM3036A1000BA 4TTM3036A1000CA 4TTM3036A1000NA WSC036A1***0* WSC036A1***1* WSC036A3***0* WSC036A3***1* WSC036A3***2* WSC036A3***3* WSC036E3***0* WSC036E3***1* Replaces / Supersedes:  MOT03125 MOT-3125 MOT10334 MOT-10334 MOT11051 MOT-11051  5KCP39FGV442AS 5KCP39DFP101AS D144407P01 X70670819017 X70370272010 D156483P01 K55HXRRT-3002 MOT2952 MOT02952 MOT-2952 and others
    244.00 $
  • KAKU KA1725HA2 220-240V 50/60Hz 172mm x 150mm x 51mm Waterproof Full Metal 0.20/0.17A Circular Axial Air Blower Cooling Fan
    Part Number: KA1725HA2 220-240V 50/60Hz 0.20/0.17A 172x150x51mm Air flow: 200/220 CFM Pressure: 0.51 / 0.60INH2O speed: 2800 / 3200RPM Noise: 57 / 79db (A) New from old stock ,without mounting screws ,not brand new,some tiny tracks on it.tested works well. Shipping from China 10-15 working days to USA
    70.38 $
  • OEM Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1 HP 208-230v MOT9376 MOT09376
    1 HP 208 - 230V 1125 RPM
    374.95 $
  • OEM Upgraded Trane American Standard 1/8 HP 230v Condenser Fan Motor MOT11447
    BRAND NEW OEM Upgraded Condenser Fan Motor 1/8 HP, 208-230 Volt OEM Wiring Color Code & Wiring Diagram Makes Wiring Easy!
    210.27 $
  • CNT06424 - White Rodgers Upgraded Replacement for Trane Furnace 2 Stage Control Circuit Board
    This is a Brand New WR Furnace 2 Stage Control Circuit Board Top Quality White Rodgers Replacement Part!
  • MOT09262 - OEM Trane ECM Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP - Motor Only, No Module Attached
    This is a Brand New OEM ECM Furnace Blower Motor Top Quality OEM Replacement Part! 1/2 HP This is for the motor only- the module is not attached and is sold seperately!
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