• Dayton Unit Heater Motor A0824A2296 1/10 hp 1200 RPM 1.9 amps 120V Model # 1VLC6
    1/10 hp, 1200 RPM, 1.9 amps, 120V Shaft = 1/2" x 2.5"; Motor Case Length 3 7/8" Mounting Studs = 3 7/8" O.C. (square) 5" Diameter 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Fuel Shut Off Solenoid M810324 Yanmar 119233-77932 Synchro Woodward 1503ES-12S5SUC12S John Deere 4200 4300 4400 4500 4600 4700 12VDC
    Voltage:12VDC/ Replaces: 119233-77932, 1503ES-12S5SUC12S woodward 1503es-12s5suc12s,Painted Cover with Strong Spring for Return Hold Return is 80 newtons / Return Spring is 17 Newtons / Travel is 25MM Application Model: Yanmar Engine Governor TB235 3TNV88-BPTB2& HYUNDAI R55-5 R60-5 100% high quality & Oem Match, direct replacement,6 Month Warranty/ Free Return and Exchang, Full Refund
  • MOT11051 - OEM Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/4 HP 200-230v by Trane
    Brand: Trane Product Number: MOT11051 Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
  • Blueview 12V Shut off solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC12S 119653-77950 119233-77932 for YANMAR Kubota John Deere Tractor Komatsu PC40 PC45
    Shut off solenoid 12Vdc 1503ES-12S5SUC12S Apply to :YANMAR and Komatsu PC40,PC45 excavator and other machinery
    26.90 $
  • Mover Parts Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 600-815-7550 for PC75UU-3 PC78US-5 PC60-7E PC78UU-6 Komatsu Excavator 4D95 Engine
    Part Number:600-815-7550 Voltage:24V
    59.00 $
  • Trane MOT11051 48 Motor, 200-230V - Replaced by MOT18623
    1/4 HP , 230/1/60 , 1075 RPM , 48 Frame , Sleeve Bearing American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Commonly Used in these American Standard / Trane Units: ATD036A100A0 ATD036A100B0 ATD042A100A0 ATD048A100A0 ATJ036A100A0 ATJ042A100A0 ATJ048A100A0 ATN030C100A0 ATR018A100A0 ATR024A100A0 ATR030A100A0 ATR036A100A0 ATR036C100A0 ATR036C100A1 ATR036C100A2 AWR030C100A0 AWR036C100A0 KCVA030AC2A1 KCVA036AC2A1 KCVA042AC2A1 KCVA048AC2A1 KCVH030AH2A1 KCVH036AH2A1 RACA0251AAA0 RACA0251AAA1 RACA0301AAA0 RACA0301AAA1 RACA0301AAA2 RACA0351AAA0 RACA0351AAA1 RACA0401AAA0 RACA0401AAA1 RHPA0251AAA0 Also Found in: RHPA0251AAA2 RHPA0251AAA3 RHPA0301AAA0 RHPA0301AAA1 RHPA0301AAA2 SPWC36AG6000 TAYMTRX04 TTB730A500A0 TTD730B100A1 TTD736B100A0 TTD736B100A1 TTD736B100C9 TTD736B100D0 TTJ036C100A0 TTJ036C100A1 TTJ036C100A2 TTJ730A500A0 TTJ736A100B0 TTJ736A100X0 TTJ742A100B0 TTJ748A100B0 TTN030C100A0 TTR018B100C0 TTR024B100C0 TTR030B100C0 TTR036B100C0 TTR036C100A0 TTR036C100A1 TTR036C100A2 TTR718B100A0 TTR724B100A0 TTR730B100A0 TTR730R100A0 TTR736B100A0 TWD724B100A1 TWD742B100A1 Also Found in: TWD742B100A2 TWJ720A500A0 TWJ720A500A1 TWJ730A100A0 TWJ730A100B0 TWJ736A100A0 TWJ736A100B0 TWJ742A100B0 TWJ742A100B1 TWR030C100A0 TWR036C100A0 2A6B0030A1000AA 2A6B0030A1000AB 2A6B0036A1000AA 2A6B0036A1000AB 2A6B3024A1000AA 2A6B3024A1000BA 2A6C0030A3000AA 2A6C0030A3000AB 2A6C0036A3000AA 2A6C0036A3000AB 2A6H1030A1000AA 2A6H1030A1000AB 2A6H1036A1000AA 2A6H1036A1000AB 2A6H3024A1000AA 2A6M3024A1000AA 2A7A1036A1000AA 2A7A1042A1000AA 2A7A1048A1000AA 2A7B0042A1000AA Replaces / Supersedes:  MOT03125 MOT-3125 MOT10334 MOT-10334 MOT11051 MOT-11051  5KCP39FGV442AS 5KCP39DFP101AS D144407P01 X70670819017 X70370272010 D156483P01 K55HXRRT-3002 MOT2952 MOT02952 MOT-2952 and others
    236.68 $
  • 40VA Transformer Primary 120, 208, 240V Volt 24V Secondary HVAC Furnace
    Transformer part number TWF424-40 Specifications: Primary Voltage Taps: 120, 208, 240V, Secondary Voltage Tap: 24V, 40VA Volt Amp Rating, Foot Mount, Wiring Diagram Printed On Part Label, Wire Nuts Included Transformers are designed for use in AC Controls Systems including air conditioning circuits, thermostats, gas valves, relays and or other applications that do not exceed the listed ratings. This transformer can be used to replace any transformer of same primary voltage and equal or lower VA ratings.
    23.95 $
  • Hammond Power Solutions PH250MLI 1 Phase Copper Industrial Control Transformer 480/240 Volt 460/230/208 Volt 440/220/200 Volt Primary 120/25 Volt 115/24 Volt 110/23 Volt Secondary 250 VA HPS Imperator
    INDUSTRIAL CONTROL TRANSF Mounting slot measures 0.22 Inch x 0.75 Inch
    111.90 $
  • 25 kVA Potted Transformer - Single Phase - 480V Primary Voltage - 120/240V Secondary Voltage - N3R
  • 15 kVA Isolation Transformer - Single Phase - 208V Primary - 120/240V Secondary - NEMA 3R
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