• Cooler Master V550 Gold White Edition V2 Full Modular, 550W, 80+ Gold Efficiency, Semi-fanless Operation, 16AWG PCIe high-Efficiency Cables, MPY-550V-AGBAG-US
    80 PLUS Gold Certified : This certification guarantees a typical efficiency of 90% under normal operating conditions. Performance Driven Topology : The half-bridge LLC resonant converter and DC-DC technology offer reliable and stable voltage outputs for safer, more reliable performance and higher efficiency. Semi-Fanless Mode with Hybrid Switch : The 135mm FDB fan is semi-fanless up to 40% load and can be manually turned off with a hardware-based hybrid switch. Full-Modular Cabling : Modular cables reduce clutter, increase airflow, and improve overall efficiency and thermal performance. 16 AWG PCI-e Cables : The thicker 16 AWG PCI-e cables allow for higher currents, thereby improving both efficiency and safety. 10 Year Warranty : This unit comes with a standard limited manufacturing warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase.
  • Cooler Master MWE Gold 550 V2 Full Modular, 550W, 80+ Gold Efficiency, 2 EPS Connectors, 120mm HDB Fan, Semi-fanless Operation, 5 Year Warranty
    Highly Efficient Performance : The 80 PLUS Gold certification guarantees a minimum efficiency of 90%. 5 EPS Connectors : 2 EPS connectors included with all models for universal current generation motherboard compatibility. High Temperature Resilience: The new gen offers an increase in operating temperature to its predecessor to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius. FullY Modular: Modular flat black cables reduce clutter, increase airflow, and improve overall efficiency and thermal performance. Hydro Dynamic Fan: The 120mm HDB fan creates less friction, for a smoothly and low RPM operations, while keeping the noise level down. 5 Year Warranty
  • MasterWatt 550 Watt Semifanless Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified Power Supply for Computers
    Semi-Fanless up till 15% load - Experience noise-free operation in normal PC loads under 15% output. Dual Forward and DC-to-DC circuit design - The Dual Forward and DC-to-DC circuit design offers reliability and stability especially significant in +3.3V and +5V output. 5 years warranty - The MasterWatt comes with a 5 year warranty More Conductive PCI-e Cables - The MasterWatt uses 16AWG cables for PCI-e cables. Less resistance means better efficiency. Durable LDB bearing - Silencio technology combines sealed LDB bearings with quiet fan blades delivering a long lifetime of quiet cooling.
  • Cooler Master MWE 550 Bronze, 80+ Bronze Certified 550W Power Supply, 3 Year Warranty
    550W ATX Power supply 80 plus Bronze certified Temperature controlled 120mm fan with dustproof LDB bearing Dc-to-dc circuit design for stable voltage output 3 year
    67.80 $
  • Azza PSAZ-550W 550 WATT Power Supply, Bronze
    80PLUS Bronze Certified High-Quality Components 2 Year Warranty 120mm fan: Quiet operation across a wide range of loads Durable Flat Cables gives you neat and tidy spaces
    50.51 $ 54.99 $ -8%
  • WeldingCity 10-pk Gas Lens Ceramic Cup 54N17 (#5, 5/16") for TIG Welding Torch 17, 18 and 26 Series in Lincoln Miller ESAB Weldcraft CK Everlast
    Premium quality TIG gas lens ceramic cups 54N17 (#5, 5/16") for TIG welding torch 17, 18 and 26 series. Use with 45V regular gas lens collet body and 10N collet. 54N17 (#5) gas lens ceramic cups are used for torch 17, 18 and 26 series in many mainstream TIG welding torches such as Weldcraft Lincoln Miller ESAB CK Everlast, etc. See part breakdown chart for torch setup details. All parts shown in the chart are available in our store. You get Ten (10) 54N17 gas lens ceramic cups at this price. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. We use U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as main carrier. Please provide a USPS deliverable address.
    13.99 $
  • Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Converter CON-40 Screw Type (CON-40) 5 set
    5 set For single Cartridge fountain pen from Japanese stationary Brand Pilot (Namiki)%ÝÏ% for 0.4Ml ink%ÝÏ% screw Type Pilot fountain pen ink converter CON-40%ÝÏ% screw Type Model: CON-40
    21.50 $
  • WeldingCity 2-pk LARGE Gas Lens Ceramic Cup 53N89 (#15, 15/16") for TIG Welding Torch 9/17/18/20/25/26 Series in Lincoln Miller ESAB Weldcraft CK Everlast
    Premium ceramic (Alumina) cup 53N/57N series (2-pk) for LARGE gas lens setup in TIG Welding Torch 9, 17, 18, 20, 25 and 26. Work with 45V/45VS-series LARGE gas lens collet body. TIG torch amperage 125A - 350A air-cooled and water cooled. Available cup orifice (I.D.) and part number/nominal size: 1/2" (57N74/#8), 3/8" (57N75/#6), 3/4" (53N87/#12), 5/8" (53N88/#10) and 15/16" (53N89/Short). Cup is made of Alumina ceramic. Package available: 2-pk for part number 57N74, 57N75, 53N87, 53N88 and 53N89. Refer to your TIG welding torch user manual for selection of correct torch parts. Volume discount available. Buy More Save More! U.S. based welding and hardware supplier. Strong technical support with experienced customer service to address buyer's any question.
    7.49 $
  • Mikrotik DynaDish 5 802.11ac outdoor 25dBi antenna 720MHz CPU(RBDynaDishG-5HacD)
    Antenna: Dual polarization 5GHz 25dBi Wireless 802.11ac Ethernet: One Gigabit Ethernet port OS: MikroTik RouterOS, Level3 license
  • Amko Ak-55rc 55 Cups Natural Gas (LNG) Rice Cooker
    Large Cooking Capacity 25-55 Cups Advanced Safety Controls: Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device View Hole: For checking the fire burning condition through the view hole Easy Operation: Ignition Button and Cooking Button Fast, Stable, Tasty rice cooking
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