• Twidec/ 25A Single Phase SSR Solid State Relay Input DC 4-32V Output AC 24-480V For Machinery Control TH-25DA
    Product name : solid state relay;Model type:TH-25DA;Special attention:If that actual use current exceeds 15A,It is necessary to separately configure the heat sink. Current : 25A,Note: This refers to the long-term actual load 25A (other general relays can only have a long-term load within 10A) Control Voltage : 4-32vdc;Output Voltage : 24-480vac;Mounting hole diameter : 4.5mm/0.18";Mounting hole center distance:45mm/1.8" Total size (approximate) : 61 x 45 x 29Mm/2.4" x 1.8" x 1.1" (l*w*t); material : metal, plastic, electronic parts Net weight : 80G; Package Content : 1 x solid state relay
  • 12,000 BTU - ENERGY STAR - 230 volt/208 volt - 10.9 EER Kuhl+ Series Room Air Conditioner with Reverse Cycle Heat Pump
    Entry Gard anti-intrusion protection Power cord can run either left or right out of the side of the unit front Expandable side curtains Standard installation hardware Install in window or thru-wall ENERGY STAR commercial grade Kühl+ heat pump installs in a window or through walls up to 7 3/8" deep; for rooms up to approximately 450 sq. ft. Optional Wi-Fi control from a smart phone, computer or other mobile device and Smart Grid capable 7-day programmable schedule with up to 4 setting changes per day Group with other 2013 Kühl units for zone or central air-like control Color kits available in Deep Red, Cobalt Blue, Designer White, Classic Beige, Black Onyx and Pink Diamond
  • TWTADE SSR-25AA 25A AC 80-250V to AC 24V-380V Ac to Ac SSR Solid State Relay + Heat Sink
    Special attention: The current of this product is 10A for a long time.A large heat sink or fan need to be added.Model: SSR-25AA Solid State Relay 25A AC to AC Input: 80-250V AC Load: 24-380V AC Heat Sink Mounting Thread Diameter (Approx.) : 0.5cm / 0.19" Heat Sink Total Size (Approx.) : 8 x 4.9 x 4.9cm / 3.1" x 1.9" x 1.9" (L * W * T ) Package Content: 1 x SSR, 1 x heat sink
  • WerFamily SSR Solid State Relay SSR-25AA AC-AC 70-280V AC / 24-480V AC / 25A
    Product name: Single Phrase Solid State Relay; Model: WF-ASH-A-AA-25AA Control Mode: AC to AC; Control Voltage: 70 - 280VAC; Output Voltage: 24-480VAC Relay size: 57.4 x 44.8 x 28mm/2.26 x 1.76 x 1.1inch (L*W*H) Sealed high temperature resistance housing. Transparent resin protective cap is included. Output requirements concatenated fuse or and the varistor. 10 to 25A radiator cooling,more than 25A must on the radiator and fan cooling.
    9.99 $
  • Mean Well SE-1000-48 AC/DC Power Supply, Single Output, 48 Volt, 20.8 Amp, 998.4 Watt, 10.9" L x 5.0" W x 2.5" H
    Ripple and Noise (mV p-p): 200 Switch-selectable AC input Size (L x W x H) (inches): 10.9 x 5.0 x 2.5
    165.95 $
  • 40VA Transformer Primary 120, 208, 240V Volt 24V Secondary HVAC Furnace
    Transformer part number TWF424-40 Specifications: Primary Voltage Taps: 120, 208, 240V, Secondary Voltage Tap: 24V, 40VA Volt Amp Rating, Foot Mount, Wiring Diagram Printed On Part Label, Wire Nuts Included Transformers are designed for use in AC Controls Systems including air conditioning circuits, thermostats, gas valves, relays and or other applications that do not exceed the listed ratings. This transformer can be used to replace any transformer of same primary voltage and equal or lower VA ratings.
    23.95 $
  • Twidec/Output Single Phase SSR Solid State Relay 25A 3-32V DC to 24-480V AC SSR-25DA
    Product name : solid state relay; Model No.: SSR-25DA;If you want to reach 25A, you need to add a large heat sink and fan Current : 25A;Frequency : 50/60Hz; output Voltage : 24-480vac;Special attention:This relay cannot be used for more than 10A for a long time.If that actual use current exceeds 15A,It is necessary to separately configure the heat sink. Control Voltage : 3-32vdc; mounting hole diameter : 4.5Mm/0.18" Total size (approximate) : 58 x 45 x 32Mm/2.3" x 1.8" x 1.26" (l*w*t); material : metal, plastic, electronic parts Net weight : 80G; Package Content : 1 x solid state relay
    10.66 $
  • Single Phase Solid State Relay Module SSR-25DA 25 Amp,3-32V DC Input, 24-480VAC Output,DC control AC
    DC 3-32V Input , AC 24-480V Output Voltage , SSR-25DA Model, black Gray Solid State Module Relay Solid State Relay ideal for automatic process control application, temperature controller and other machinery control system High quality,Warranty for one year
    8.90 $
  • Siemens MT0075A Industrial Power Transformer, Domestic, 240 X 480, 230 X 460, 220 X 440 Primary Volts 50/60Hz, 120/115/110 Secondary Volts, 75VA Rating
    Reduces 240 x 480, 230 x 460, or 220 x 440 V (primary voltage) to 120/115/110 V (secondary voltage) Rated up to 75 VA Silicon steel-laminated core and copper magnet wire for increased transformer efficiency Epoxy-encapsulated to resist moisture, dust, and industrial contaminants Built-in fuse clips on secondary side save panel space and wiring time because they do not have to be manually installed in the field
  • Mean Well SP-320-12 Switching Power Supply Single Output 12V 25A 300W, PFC, Enclosed, Adj Output, Fan V Control, 100KHz Switching, Input: 88~264 VAC, 124~370 VDC
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