The most important factor in the preference of boiler systems is the reduction in the cost of heating and hot water.

The way to reduce the cost of heating is through the conscious use of fuel type and maintenance. However, insulation of buildings, houses, and workplaces also reduce the cost of heating by 20 to 35 percent, with the commissioning of additional energy sources (solar power, wind power), it is possible to reduce costs by more than 50 percent.

To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:

To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:
To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:

1-Quality, high-calorie fuel should be preferred. While 2,500 Kcal is obtained in 1 kg of wood, 4,400 Kcal of the same amount of lignite, 6,000 Kcal of the Stone coal, 7,200 Kcal of Coke, and 10,000 kcal of fuel oil (Heating Oil) are possible to achieve the temperature. Heating Oil stands out as the most economical boiler fuel type in all states. Its use is known to be encouraged in some states in the fight against air pollution, as it causes less damage to the environment than coal. Fuel oil, which is used as the primary method in home, building and facility heating where there is no natural gas transportation throughout the world, is also easier to charge for storage than other types of fuel.

2- Chimney cleaning and healthy ventilation; to increase fuel efficiency, to keep the heat obtained in the system for a longer period of time, chimney cleaning and ventilation of the boiler room is extremely important.

3- Transmission pipes insulation, valve maintenance: boiler rooms in some buildings and houses, for security reasons can be set up for longer distances. In such cases, insulation in the transmission pipes is extremely important during the transportation of hot water. Well-insulated main pipes will reduce the cost of heating and hot water.

Preventing calcification in hot water valves, maintenance of valves also help to reduce the cost of heating.

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