What is boiler maintenance?

Professional, trained boiler service maintains the highest standards in all intermediate units in boiler rooms.

Boiler service does not have difficulty to integrate the latest technological developments, new inventions, and technological applications into existing systems thanks to repeated training and seminars. Note that the safety of the boiler rooms means the safety of the site where we live, the workplaces where hundreds of people work in it. Let’s keep in mind that trained and well-equipped boiler service teams maintain systems that will not cause problems more than solving existing problems.

How often do u service a boiler?

There are standardized rules on the procedures that must be applied during the maintenance period in boiler rooms close to residential areas and business centers. The standards created after big disasters are based on life security. A follow-up form must be issued with a schedule during each boiler maintenance to ensure that the maintenance standards are applied during boiler maintenance.

Sledded boiler rental (Skid Mode)

In addition to industrial types, sledded boiler models, which offer practical solutions for sites and public housing areas, can be installed in a short time with ready projects.

In order to reach the main connection blocks in the deep interior of the buildings, the rental companies provide technical support. Sled boilers can produce solutions from 25 hp to 2,500 HP power.

For the need for the sled boiler, some fleet managers demand to be informed about planning at least 24 hours in advance. It is possible to get technical consultancy before and during installation. Sled-mounted boilers can be preferred as a healthy solution for those aiming to get high efficiency in projects where each square meter is important.

Mobile Steam Boiler Rental

Mobile Steam Boiler, a large number of heavy industrial plants, chemical production companies, public housing heating, hospitals, and schools to meet the urgent need for emerging warming. Mobile steam boilers suitable for low and high pressure can be allocated to customers along with a wide technical support package.

Mobile Steam Boiler Installation

Mobile steam boiler installation may need time ranging from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the type of power and fuel needed. Steam boilers using Fuel Oil (No 2) type fuel are sent to duty with the fuel tank generally needed. Mobile steam boilers of 80 to 800 HP and above are serviced throughout the country.

Temporary boiler fleets equipped with powerful pressure systems have hardened systems to meet the current regulations of all states and local governments throughout the United States. However, before the leasing process, candidate companies should be asked about the existence of ISO 9001 and ISO process required certificates and the validity date of these documents should be checked on their official sites.

Central System Boiler Rental

It is a practical solution for factories, business centers, public housing. The central system meets the heating and hot water needs of many public houses with the central boiler rental model.

The maintenance, installation and renovation expenses of the Boilers are covered by the leasing company. Before signing a central system Boiler Rental Agreement, you can get detailed information by examining the services and FAQ section provided on the official website of the company.

The new high-tech central system allows online remote monitoring of boilers, and data on heat and hot water systems to be made instantaneously, often eliminating the burden of extra spending.

Workplace Boiler Rental

Medium-sized businesses, shopping centers, and their own boiler systems temporarily disabled facilities by renting a boiler heat and hot water supply can go the way.

Workplace boiler rental can produce more economical solutions than a boiler installation in some states. Companies that rent boilers of different sizes and different types of fuel for the heat and hot water needed for several months of the year offer economic opportunities.

The contractor must examine in detail the information about the boiler to be supplied by the contractor. Warranty coverage, type of fuel, the last time maintenance of the boiler to be installed should be included in the contract clauses.

In long-term leases, companies ‘ attractive price offers should not be ignored.

The advantages of renting instead of investment costs can be listed as follows:

You don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, deal with additional personnel costs for the boiler.

You receive continuous trained and certified personnel support for periodic maintenance.

You have the right to change a boiler that does not belong to you at the time specified in the contract period.

Thanks to the central online tracking system that lets you use it when you need it, your fuel costs are reduced.

Moreover, you work with specialized teams of companies that offer installation options for your workplace, whether on the roof or in the garden.

The waste of time to deal with possible failures is disappearing spontaneously. The company’s technical service network, which instantly intervenes in potential failures, supports you.

When choosing the most appropriate type of fuel before renting a boiler, it is a great benefit to prepare the area where the fuel unit will be installed.

Renting a home boiler

Companies that provide boiler rentals for homes may have more economic offerings, or even crazy campaigns, than the central heating system. It is worth recalling that Boiler Rental campaigns have been organized for homes in areas such as New England, New York, New Jersey, Arlington, Virginia before and after the cold snap of the past year (2018).

Home Boiler Rental

While freezing temperatures have increased the heating bill, those who meet the need for hot water and warming with the home boiler rental model are known to not tire their budgets.

The size of the boilers rented for the houses can vary according to the need. According to the size of the consumer House and the length of the honeycomb can determine the boiler power and the type of fuel itself.

Moreover, the areas where the boiler and fuel tank can be placed are kept very flexible, so consumer-friendly applications can come out.

Maintenance and repair of household boilers, technical support is an important reason for preference to be made by the trained and highly experienced personnel of the contractor companies.

Safe boiler purchase and advice

Safety measures to be taken in boiler rooms in public housing areas, sites and buildings are determined in the fire fighting laws and their implementation has been transferred to local governments. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ANSI/NFPA 79 standards(which cover the electrical standard for industrial machinery) were valid within boiler rooms.

Do boilers explode?

Boiler Safety
Boiler Safety

For boiler safety, the installation area must be physically secured. In some states, measures to be taken with the distance of boiler rooms to buildings according to the number of residences are stated in the deficit.

Ventilation in the boiler room, electrical components, discharge of wastewater, cleaning and maintenance schedule, entrance door security, lighting, is extremely important for the existence of a long-lasting system.

Boiler Reduce the cost of heating bills

The most important factor in the preference of boiler systems is the reduction in the cost of heating and hot water.

The way to reduce the cost of heating is through the conscious use of fuel type and maintenance. However, insulation of buildings, houses, and workplaces also reduce the cost of heating by 20 to 35 percent, with the commissioning of additional energy sources (solar power, wind power), it is possible to reduce costs by more than 50 percent.

To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:

To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:
To reduce the cost of fuel in boiler systems:

1-Quality, high-calorie fuel should be preferred. While 2,500 Kcal is obtained in 1 kg of wood, 4,400 Kcal of the same amount of lignite, 6,000 Kcal of the Stone coal, 7,200 Kcal of Coke, and 10,000 kcal of fuel oil (Heating Oil) are possible to achieve the temperature. Heating Oil stands out as the most economical boiler fuel type in all states. Its use is known to be encouraged in some states in the fight against air pollution, as it causes less damage to the environment than coal. Fuel oil, which is used as the primary method in home, building and facility heating where there is no natural gas transportation throughout the world, is also easier to charge for storage than other types of fuel.

2- Chimney cleaning and healthy ventilation; to increase fuel efficiency, to keep the heat obtained in the system for a longer period of time, chimney cleaning and ventilation of the boiler room is extremely important.

3- Transmission pipes insulation, valve maintenance: boiler rooms in some buildings and houses, for security reasons can be set up for longer distances. In such cases, insulation in the transmission pipes is extremely important during the transportation of hot water. Well-insulated main pipes will reduce the cost of heating and hot water.

Preventing calcification in hot water valves, maintenance of valves also help to reduce the cost of heating.

What is boiler safety, Can boilers explode?

The safety of heating systems and boiler maintenance along with equipment with greater resistance to heavy meteorological conditions carry vital importance. Boiler safety means the safety of sites, businesses, houses of apartment blocks. It means direct life security. Never allow access to maintenance and repair work without full boiler safety.

Boiler safety
Boiler safety

Vital risk factors;

Any maintenance work and repair activity to be done without maintaining the boiler safety should be done in accordance with the rules.

The people who provide the safety of the boiler should know the safety standards set by the manufacturer company and the teams who have been trained in this subject should be in the boiler room in full with their necessary equipment.

Working in the boiler room without measuring runaway gas is risky.

All electrical components, gas current systems must be checked first.

Working burners and gas feeders, automatic electricity and gas cutters must be tested manually

Fire extinguisher tube must be kept in the boiler room

For boiler safety, schedules must be established regarding daily (for solid fuel systems) weekly, monthly and annual maintenance activities of boiler rooms. Obtain these charts from the manufacturing companies.

How to clean the boiler?

The most important way to get high efficiency from heating systems is periodic cleaning. Different standards have been established for the cleaning of boilers using natural gas and solid fuel systems.

Boiler rooms using natural gas should be cleaned with detergent water every week. Oil products, alcoholic chemicals, and acid cleaning agents should not be used in boiler cleaning!

Dirty water expenses in boiler rooms should be washed with a brush and kept clean.

For the easy operation of steam valves, it should be frequently lubricated with machine oil.

The boiler should be cleaned with smoke pipes and the surrounding area should be cleaned with a brush, avoiding water or liquid contact.

We should keep in mind that the equipment in clean boiler rooms has a long life and high efficiency.

In natural gas and solid fuel boilers, the accumulation of oil-carbon deposit is inevitable. Checks must be made at periods determined by boiler service in order to clean the deposit.

How is Boiler Repair?

How is Boiler Repair?
How is Boiler Repair?

It should be ensured that no one intervenes except the authorized technical service.

During the boiler repair, the above-mentioned safety measures should be reviewed and the operation should be started by taking ‘safe’ confirmation by the technical officers before the repair.

The most common faults in boiler rooms are reported to be caused by equipment that has completed its life, not being replaced in time. Other frequently encountered failures and equipment needed to change include

Boiler leakage causes pressure to drop. Buildings may be damaged by boiler leakage in high-pressure systems.

Non-standard pipes can frequently cause boiler failure. Please contact the Authorized Service on this matter.